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Introducing the new PACK IT IN SERIES!!

NEW!! Essential Duffle

Your personal soft-sided luggage....
This expandable, quilted, full-weekend/retreat duffel is just the right size and shape to carry all your essentials. Secured with your zippers and hardware found on high-end luggage, the duffel is easily customized with your choice of fabric (quilting cotton) for him or her. The removable, adjustable carrying strap make it easy to transport all your goodies in style. Adopt the easiest workroom methods for installing zippers, learn to quilt your projects just the way you like, topstitch with precision, and create gusseted and cargo pockets with confidence. With Katie’s systematic, proven techniques, you’ll take your project from home-made to pro-made in no time! Finishes to approximately 21” x 6” x 14”, with optional stiff bottom, metal feet, multiple pockets, zippers, adjustable shoulder strap and comfort-grip handles. A high-end designer inspired duffle you will want to coordinate with the entire "Pack It In" Series projects!

CD includes 26 pages of step-by-step color instructions, pattern pieces, and zipper tutorial.

Available as an online class soon! Visit for continued updates! 

$18.50 + S/H

Essential Duffle Hardware Kit (Bundle and Save...)
Hardware Kit needed to complete the professional Essential Duffle. These hard to find hardware pieces complement the design of the project and add a level of professionalism. (Purse Feet and Snaps not included). Hardware Kit requirements in the pattern are: (1) Strap Adjuster, (2) Heavy-Duty D-rings, (4) Heavy Duty rectangular D-rings, and (2) Heavy duty swivel hooks. All items are polished stainless steel for that professional quality appeal and coordinate with each other as a set! The weight of each piece of hardware also adds to the professional quality of your soft-sided luggage duffle.

$23.50 + S/H

Strap Adjuster/Triglide
This is a die cut triglide for adjusting shoulder straps...It is made of stainless steel and is a hard to find 2" width. 

$4.25 Each + S/H

Rectangular D-Ring
This is a 2" stainless steel rectangular D-ring for adding straps to a large duffle. These are sold in a set of 4, so they complete the duffle project. 

$12.75 (set of 4) + S/H

Heavy Duty Swivel Hook
This hard to find heavy duty swivel hook coordinates with the hardware in the Essential Duffle Pattern.  The 2" attachment is perfect for a 2" wide strap. They are sold in a set of two.

$7.50 (set of 2) + S/H

Heavy Duty D-Ring
This 1.25" polished stainless steel D-ring fits the pattern pieces in the Essential Duffle Pattern. The shoulder strap attaches to the d-ring and add another professional element to your project. They are sold in a set of two.

$3.50 (set of 2) + S/H

Purse Feet for Duffle (optional accessory for Duffle)
Set of 6 silver purse feet to coordinate with the heavy-duty Essential Duffle hardware.

$6.00 (set of 6) + S/H

NEW!! Nesting Portfolios (with Quilted Panel Embroidery)
Stitch up one or two of these nesting portfolios – they’re the perfect way to organize and transport your workshop or retreat projects from place to place. Created with pet screening (really!) and anchored by quilted fabric panels, they are a perfect palette for applique embroidery accents. The mesh allows you to see what’s in each one, and the largest has a carrying handle so it’s easy to manage multiple projects at once. Each portfolio contains a simple zipper insertion to secure your contents and add that professional look. Accented by your choice of fabric to coordinate with your other “Pack It In” series projects or created as a stand-alone set, you’ll quickly fall in love with Katie’s step-by-step construction techniques, which result in projects that look as nice on the inside as they do on the outside. Sizes range from the smallest (5” x 4”) to the largest (15” x 15”). The embroidery design is a professional all-over stipple stitch and simple instructions for rehooping the design make this project a sure fire success.

$24.50 + S/H


NEW!! Fabric Toolbox
The project is the perfect shape and size for all your sewing tools and gadgets. It has a place for everything and keeps everything in it's place.

Multiple outside and inside pockets give you plenty of space to store and carry your necessities. Add PUL fabric and insul-brite inside and you'll have a handy lunch box.

Use the wire frames and zippers below to complete your project according to the 24 page, color, step-by-step instructions. Pattern comes on CD and includes a step-by-step tutorial for adding a zipper slide to your zipper!

Ideal for a beginning and advanced sewer. You will want to make one for every season!

$18.50 + S/H



NEW!! Wire Frames

These frames are used in the Fabric Toolbox. Each package contains two frames, which make one toolbox.

$8.00 + S/H



NEW! Get the authentic ultimate spray bottle...not a knock off!

These spray bottles are hitting the sewing world by storm as they spray a light mist of water or your fabric starch substitute (Best Press or Quilters Starch Savvy). Your projects turn out more professional and your starch substitute lasts longer with fuller coverage WITH NO DRIPS or saturation!

Limited supply in stock! Don't forget to pick one up for your sewing buddy!

* 99% bottle evacuation
* Consistent spray pattern
* Less hand strain with continuous pressurized spray
* Patent Pending
* Refillable to a minimum of 15,000 sprays
* You will want more than one!

Fill your bottle with water or starch substitute, replace nozzle, and prime pressurized bladder with 3 or 4're set! Get even coverage with less work for that professional project

Ultimate Pink $12

Water Words $12

Water Drops $12

Big Dots $12

Birds $12
Purple $12
Teal $12

Now on CD in PDF Format!!!
*** (Hard Cover Book is no longer available) ***

Learn Professional Home Decorating Techniques
in "Pillow Talk"

by Katie Bartz and Pam Damour (In its second printing!)

CD Includes multi-format embroidery designs used in the book (over $200 worth of designs), as well as all patterns needed for the projects!  This best seller is a must for anyone wanting professional decorator tips!  An EXCELLENT reference guide with over 150 pages of step-by-step photos for that special decorator in your life! Learn the secrets of the professionals!

Order Today!    $25.00 + S/H

The Montana
a Quilted Handbag (Award Winning Design)

Now an online class!
Click here to Check it out!

With a sturdy, optional quilted body, zipper top, and a gentle Madeira applique scallop or two, you will want to make more than one of these! It's the perfect project to dress up or down. It has easy step-by-step instructions and a palette for embroidery, decorative stitches, crystals, or fancy purse hardware!

Finished Size Approximately: 15" x 3 ½" x 10"

GREAT project for both beginner and advanced sewers and quilters!

Order Today!    $18.50 + S/H

New "Triple Treat" Pattern for use with Embroidery Machines

Multi-format Design CD included with ALL 3 sizes!!

New ONLINE Class! Click here to check it out!

Three fully-lined bags to help organize your purse, computer bag, sewing kit, or travel bags, accented with oversized piping and welt zipper pockets!

Each bag side panel is quilted in the embroidery hoop with a triple stitched stippling design, as well as the embroidered welt zipper pocket placement! Finally, the bag's pattern is stitched out in the embroidery hoop for easy, uniform cutting! Every bag will be precisely the same! It doesn't get easier than that!

Multi-format designs for approximately 5"X7",8"X10", and
8"X14" hoops.

Be creative and enjoy taking your projects from "home-made" to "pro-made" with designer, Katie Bartz.

Order Today!    $24.50 + S/H

New "Triple Treat" Pattern for free-motion Quilting

Three fully-lined bags to help organize your purse, computer bag, sewing kit, or travel bags, accented with oversized piping and welt zipper pockets!

Each bag side panel is quilted in your favorite style: Free Motion, Channel Quilting, Grid Quilting, etc. This bag also has an optional welt zipper pocket! The fine detail of the quilting and top stitching give this bag that special professional look, that you don't want to hide it away!

Be creative and enjoy taking your projects from "home-made" to "pro-made" with designer, Katie Bartz.

$16.00 + S/H



Micro Walnut Shell Pincushion Filling
Specially ground to keep your pins sharp! Each package contains 2 Cups...just what you need for one pincushion-ista pincushion...

The micro size allows for a compact cushion with balanced weight.

$8.00 + S/H


Pincushion-ista (with embroidery design)

- Your NEW favorite pincushion! Available as an online class soon! Check for more information!

Includes CD with embroidery design and step-by-step color instructions, and patterns for 5 different flap styles and for those who don't use an embroidery machine, there is a graphic for hand embroidery transfers!

This pincushion is "styling" with purse feet, pockets, and a custom embroidery design to track the needle that is in your machine! It also has a protected handneedle felt holder, cargo pocket, and a machine needle pocket! Use the handle to keep your wonder clips organized and in one place; at your fingertips!

It's the one pincushion you need to transport all your tools back and forth from the cutting table to the sewing machine.

Click on image for more views....

NEW! Order Today!  $24.50 + S/H

Bazillion Zipper Bag (with stippling embroidery design)

- The perfect sewing project to make and give! Online class is available at!

Includes CD with embroidery design and step-by-step color instructions, pattern, and zipper pull attachment tutorial. You make'll want to make a bazillion!

$24.50 + S/H


Black Purse Feet-

Set of 4 purse feet for handbags, Katie's Fabric Toolbox, or her Pincushion-ista pattern.

$4.00 + S/H

Silver Purse Feet-

Set of 4 purse feet for handbags, Katie's Fabric Toolbox, or her Pincushion-ista pattern.

$4.00 + S/H

Horizontal Thread Holder:
As demonstrated in Katie's classes, to help your thread unspool correctly and to help keep thread from twisting and breaking. Clip on to existing spool pin to make your thread feed for vertical or horizontal spool feeding respectively.

$5.00 + S/H


Safety Stiletto:
The perfect tool for quilting and sewing. The tapered tip on this stiletto will make it easier to put your purse feet in your projects, as seen in Katie's online classes! The diamond cut grip will keep the stiletto from slipping in your fingers, as well. Unscrew the top and put in your sewing kit for your weekend retreat get-away!.

$12.00 + S/H

Hera Marker:
The perfect tool for marking embroidery placement or turning curves in your projects, or marking for quilting designs, as seen in Katie's online classes.. The tapered tip will help you turn a perfect point. This is a tool that has many secret uses!!!.

$7.00 + S/H

Fabric Folding Pen:
Katie's students are blown away as she shows them how to use this invaluable notion. The fabric folding pen will make your nightmare of hemming and pressing something of the past! A must in any sewing studio! A perfect solution for quilters...

$18.95 + S/H


Safety Scissors:
Katie's students learn why this is a valuable tool for welt pockets and clipping around curves. No more accidental cuts with this pair of scissors! A must in any sewing studio! A perfect solution for quilters and sewers alike...

ON SALE! reg $25.00

$20.00 + S/H

Professional Zipper Tape....retail $17.49 + S/H
All Colors $10.50 + S/H

Professional Zipper Tape for home decorating projects, tote bags, and more...As used in Katie's classes!  Unlike other brands, it won't melt under the iron and will zip from either end! Package includes 3 yards of professional zipper tape and 8 pulls.

Darker Colored Zippers:
Medium Colored Zippers:
Lighter Colored Zippers:

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